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Flowers blue primroses in the garden stone statuette owl symbol of wisdom and knowledge on the green book The muzzle of a sleeping cat close-up. Cat nose and mustache. A gift box with a bow and ornaments Maple leaf in the sunlight Close-up of a cat Peace We are for peace No war bright yellow lemons float in clear clear water Two yellow ripe lemons fall into clear clear water, light gray background three freshly picked cannabis leaves and a cigarette on a white background The Chihuahua sits with her paw up with the Easter eggs. Portrait of a lying chihuahua with Easter eggs. The teddy bear holds a pink tulip and a scarlet heart. a man holds a large bloody knife in his hand. the concept of violence. light grey background. a trickle of water pours into a plastic transparent Cup spray bottle for water white-blue on a gray background yellow maple leaves, three maple leaves on a white background Laptop on the table, next to a mug of tea. Remote work at home or homeschooling peeled grapefruit, black background photo frame stands on a white table, next to a bouquet of orange roses photo frame stands on a white table, next to a yellow rose two clean glass jars for canning Its a winter evening, its snowing, and theres a candle in the window. Four burning pastel-colored candles, with green living and dry gray orbs in front of them. Four burning pastel-colored candles in a Christmas wreath. ampoule and syringe for injection surgical instruments before surgery ripe persimmon in a plastic transparent package frozen bush covered with hoarfrost behind the bush green wooden fence under the snow, snowflakes are falling green painted wooden fence covered with snow Sidewalk tiles on the walkway in the garden. a window with blinds in an old building with stone walls and pots of pink flowers. Winter forest. Mysterious forest. Watercolor painting. old buildings with white stucco and iron roofs A bouquet of yellow roses in a red package on a gray background. Selective focus funny face with marijuana leaves on a white background Teenage girl sitting in front of her laptop with headphones on, learning to knit online. A red chihuahua dog at the vets office. The doctor is trimming her claws on her front paw. An old lady sits at home in a chair with her laptop, communicating online, waving her hand in welcome. A redheaded, fluffy Chihuahua dog looks forward and sticks its tongue out, licks itself. Lavender flowers in a glass of transparent glass on a black background. Selective focus. Copy space. medical syringe reusable and needle for injection of metal on white surface flower frame on the white surface are pink and white sheets of p colorful pills close up on a light background old sewing machine close up old sewing machine close up old sewing machine close up tea composition of a tea party with a teapot and lemon notepad on the table business and work The baby rinses the foam off his hands, the soap is in the sink.