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A set of cartoon snails. Medical topic, self-isolation. Clip art for stickers. Cute funny characters made from dough and meat dumplings on a wooden board, next to a rolling pin three green natural apples are on rough burlap under the light from the window School is coming soon. Delivery of flowers bouquets in a brown cardboard box peeled grapefruit, black background The dog stands on his hind legs and pulls his paws towards the Christmas presents. Portrait of a redheaded Chihuahua dog, showing his tongue. A woman gardener in the garden plants rose Metal posts with thick chain-link fencing on the embankment four ripe red green apples are on a white background. The baby rinses the foam off his hands, the soap is in the sink. The thirteenth billiard ball iridescent soap suds on dirty tea cups saucers dish sponges The flash of a lighter. Blurry lights on the background. Bokeh