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the sun is drawn with chalk on the asphalt. summer, banner place for text, children creativity pink heart drawn with chalk on the asphalt pattern rainbow 5 figurine of a cute angel made of white ceramics and a small rabbit next to a bouquet of white tulips a trickle of water pours into a plastic transparent Cup sprouting onions on the windowsill Sleeping Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy lies with a hat on his head sewing threads and steel scissors on a white background two clean glass jars for canning The little dog on the chest under the girls jacket is looking at her face. New Years card with a dog standing on its hind legs. still life of food, mushrooms, tomatoes and red pepper delicate white cherry blossoms on a white background. soft focus rustic breakfast. wheat bread, milk and chicken eggs on a napkin Collage "sights of Serpukhov" A red chihuahua dog at the vets office. The doctor is trimming her claws on her front paw. medical syringe reusable and needle for injection of metal on white surface reusable medical syringe made of glass and metal old sewing machine close up old sewing machine close up A red long-haired chihuahua sits on the window, looking out on the street. delicious little fried meat cutlets with fresh tomatoes Ferris wheel at the VVC antique metal and glass lantern on a historic white stone city b A crow on the asphalt