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Postage stamp of 1958 Karl Marx on a postage stamp Postage stamp of the USSR in 1958 Background for banner in vintage style Part of the wooden ancient ship is a wooden lion over the river. Against the background of the Winter Palace Two cherries sticker Lemon sticker Heart, sticker Gift box sticker Ampersand sign sticker Sticker sign information Question mark sticker Strawberry sticker Sticker exclamation mark Avocado halves with pit sticker Watermelon slice sticker outdoor park lamp with round lampshade for illumination at night Background for banner with place for text in 1960s pop art style Banner base with 1960s pop art style elements red parquet staircase in an old house old worn winter boots for polar explorers of Arctic expeditions on a white background Seamless arabic geometric ornament in several colors. Set of five borders.Traditional islamic art.Brown color lines. Avocado beverage in retro style Lime beverage in retro style Grapeftuit beverage in retro style Lemon beverage in retro style Watermelon beverage in retro style Background for banner with ribbon and retro rays Sale banner with retro rays background Background for banner with ribbon on retro rays background Mother day Silhouettes of Kazan city recognizable objects in the retro style of the 1980s A postcard with stamps. Image of a tree leaf. Graphic black and white drawing. Pink and red large flowers of poppies of different transparency. Seamless texture with repeating pattern.Foliage. Autumn leaves. Pink tulips and wild flowers for a festive wreath, bouquet.Isolated, white background. Poster with mulled wine Mojito poster in retro style an old camera on a black background An old gramophone